Friday, March 24, 2006

The Autumn of My Life


I doubt that there really is anything such as quiet, not complete absolute. I think there would always be sounds in your head. I’ve not checked with an expert or anyone deaf, it is just my thoughts.

Coming home from work, I used to want about ten to thirty minutes of “quiet” unwinding time! Who wouldn’t after spending 7 or more hours working in a classroom full of children? Now retired and living alone, I have a lot of “quiet time”, often I spend a whole day without even talking (except to myself, of course). Still, I do like some sounds around...soothing comforting sounds. I like the gentle rumble of the heater, the whirling, clunking sound of the drier, the steady ssshhhing sound of the kitchen sink water running while doing the dishes. Outside, should only be the natural noises, no stereo blasting, motorcycles roaring, (of course, we do have to put up with lawn mowers and leaf blowers now and then). But I prefer to hear birds chirping, frogs croaking, breezes rattling leaves and yes, children playing. Luckily, these is mostly what I hear in my backyard of my “quiet” neighborhood.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do often have jazz playing in my house, not to mention the tv (companion sounds). And on a long drive, I have got to have classic rock and roll, keeping me awake rocking, ( I even have a shaker that I often keep rhythm with. I go “out” for the main purpose of listening to music! Case in point, last Wednesday night, I saw and HEARD David Sanborn and Chris Botti! Highly acclaimed and extremely talented performers. I was is the second row and still and in such amazement of having had the experience! Definitely, not quiet!

At night I sleep with the sound of my in an out breath matching the lifelike rhythm of the ocean waves coming from my sound machine. I remember as a little girl, liking to lie in front of the drier and feel the warmth and listen to the whirl.

My favorite sounds are the sounds of my mother’s voice on the phone, or my daddy’s voice in my memory. I, of course, could add the rest of my family, but I will stop here.

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