Monday, January 11, 2010

My Youngest Turns 30

My Youngest Turns 30
Since it was a special birthday, I wanted to do something unique for him. My daughter who lived in Portland, on her 30th birthday, had received a poster of “30-deer” (standing for $30 bucks) from me and “30 pebbles” (standing for 30 ROCKS) from my sister! So for my son, I decided to give him a Money Tree with 30 dollars on it. First, I needed a mazanita branch. My friend Patty,had some on her property. Of course, it wasn’t easy, we had to hike up a hill through stickers and under barbwire. Finally, I was able to select several branches that might work. When I got them all home I selected the best one for my plan. The next step was to remove the leaves and spray paint it gold. I also, had to find a pot and fill it with plaster (which of course, I did not purchase enough plaster, and had to return to the store for more). I also, did not realize HOW heavy the plaster would be. Now with the branch gold and firmly stuck in the plaster in the pot, I began the tedious job of rolling and tying on 30 one dollar bills. When I was finished, they did not look quite right so I again tied them, this time with a really shiny tinsel type of ribbon. Lastly, I added some moss at the bottom to cover the plaster.

The day before his birthday, he would be at work and I felt that would be a lot more fun than giving it to him one on one. So my friend, Viv, drove me to his place of work so I could hold the MONEY TREE. When we got there (camera in hand) he was not yet there. However, he finally showed and got a kick out of it. I also handed him a card with more money.

Chris with Money Tree and friend and coworker, Andy.

In addition, to my present, I’d emailed many friends and asked them to send him birthday cards...hoping he would receive 30 or more! He called me and said who are these people?

His friends, also gave him a party after work. They had made him a big sign and a poster collage (which I had contributed photos to). So he had a FUN time turning 30.

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