Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Holiday Season 2009

The Holiday Season
random shots

Twins 4th birthday Dec. 9th

Kyle in front and Cole behind blow out candles.

Dec. 15th, Viv put on a Swedish
party and served a special drink

Kathy B., Viv T., Patty M. and Anne M.

Mary B. and Patty M.

Anne M. and me.

Dec. 16th Mary C. had a cookie exchange party.

Plenty of cookies to sample and take home.

Dec. 19th Billy's 4th Birthday

Billy's cake

Dec. 19th Cathy and Mike gave an
afternoon Christmas party.

That same evening there was a Christmas party
at Patty and Gary's. Always fun as we play the
white elephant gift game.

On Dec. 24th, Alison and I went to visit Bill's grave.

My front door

the dinner table

the tree

Alison, Josie and Chris

Chris, Josie and Ogee the dog

Alison, Chris and me

Alison and Josie with chocolate mustaches.

Chris (looking a lot like his Dad)
with chocolate mustache (and Ogee)

Ogee ready for Christmas

Dec. 26th, Alison and I went to give
out Christmas a gift to the twins.

It was a basketball hoop.

Also went to see Billy and Emma

Emma playing with basketball hoop.

Billy and his Dad putting together one of his gifts.

Dec. 27th an annual mother/daughter luncheon

Having a drink at the new Capone's Speakeasy.
Alison, Matt M. his lady friend and Josie.

New Year's Eve
Patty M. and me

Dick Clark ready to announce the new year.

And the crystal ball falls!
Happy New Year 2010!

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