Friday, May 22, 2009

Photo Hunt ~ Weekly Theme: Plastic

Weekly Theme: Plastic

This made me think of the movie "The Graduate"!
I really went with the obvious!

I did not know I had so many, luckily, I only use
a couple of these.


YTSL said...

Yikes, what a large collection of plastic cards! :O

RJ Flamingo said...

We seem to be on similar wavelengths this week! :-)

Mine’s up, too!

Pink Monkey said...

LOL! I was thinking of doing something similar. But I went with something more ordinary :)

Alice Audrey said...

I only have two, but I use them waaaay too much.

Lorna said...

Sometimes the obvious packs quite a punch---that collection looks amazingly similar to mine, except not Canadian.

srp said...

Yes, and if the companies do what they say in this new bill... I will be moving to get rid of all of them. The only problem is that your credit score is affected by that... if you decide to stop or end a credit card, your rating can go down.
What a mess!

Mariposa said...

Had plenty before but now I keep only two. Happy PH! Mine is up!