Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Early Saturday morning, my girlfriend (since 9th grade, O so many years ago) arrives about 9:00 a.m. We shared a yummy breakfast, and could barely catch our breath between our rapid fire conversations. Therefore, we took an afternoon nap before heading out for the evening. Sidebar: Now I’ve often expounded on the many wonderful weekend activities that Redding has to offer. ex. last weekend--I hear the blues on Fri., jazz on Sat. and the symphony on Sun. Well, this particular weekend, our choices were~~ Local Senior Idol, Skits & situations performed by the disabled and a tribute to Bob Dylan by local performers. We went to the Bob Dylan tribute...wrong choice!

As a guest in my “Jamaica guest room”, Linda, allowed me to shoot a photo of her.

Along the way to Burney Falls

Linda cooling her heels, as we wait to get into the Falls.

The amazing Falls

Sunday we drove 1 & 1/2 hrs. to Burney Falls. Beautiful scenery along the way. However, when we got to the park, we were told it was full. The 1st guard said that we could not enter...come back in a couple hours, next guard station told us to come back in an hour, after parking and hiking to creek and walking along it...we headed back to the Falls a again. Luckily, we got in! We loved the amazing falls and checked out Britton Lake at the bottom where you can swim or take out your boat. Returning home we rented a video to relax with and enjoyed some laughs.

Monday, we had a slow morning, but then headed to Whiskeytown Lake...knowing that it would be packed! Luckily, we got an empty spot at the point, where I always like to go. It was a gorgeous day, perfect weather and so serene! Although, my dear friend Donna, had invited me to a BBQ, later after Linda left, I was just too zapped by the I stayed home, and relaxed.

How blest am I to live in this amazing part of California and to have the wonderful friends I have!

thought of the day: "I'm on Island time!"

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Lorna said...

blessed indeed!