Sunday, September 28, 2008

Replacing Photo Hunt This Week

For some technical reason I was unable to get the photo I chose to work in last Friday's photo hunt. However, I do have a few photos from some recent fun activities to share with you.

First, was the annual Beer and Wine Festival, with local restaurants also sharing their food samples. Local artists too, had their items for sale. But the most fun was watching the town folk dance and enjoy themselves. My friends and I extended the evening by having a drink and listening to friends play music at a local bar.

Friend Patty's husband, Gary and his art.

Friend Maggie and her art.

Friend Patty and her friend Ieeda.

A guy with scary head....why? I don't know.

Viv, friend, and Mary at the Beer and Wine Festival.

Patty, Viv, Mary, Claudia, and Sally
September Birthdays Brunch: Sally on the 18th and Viv on the 19th. Happy Birthday Girls!

This past weekend, was the the annual Arts and Crafts Fair in the park. This is always a fun time...though I rarely buy anything. The looking and having lunch are the best parts. It was a really gorgeous day.
Beautiful bracelets

Lovely scarfs

Claudia and Patty

In addition, this past weekend, I had a ticket to see The Brothers Four and The Kingston Trio (new group). I, of course, had grown up with “folk music” and it was great to revisit those days. The performances were excellent. Small Redding is getting many wonderful entertainment, and the symphony was also here.

The Brothers Four

Loni Anderson (married to a Brother Four and daughter Deedra local school
principal here in Redding.

Kingston Trio and bass player

Later this week, I’m off to spend a week with my 9th grade girlfriends, in Sebastopol, where Linda lives. Lynette is coming from Jamaica. We have been getting together every year for over 40 years. Can’t wait to see them.
thought of the day: some mistakes are too much fun to only make once!

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leslie said...

Gee Claudia, you have been busy! Having fun, though, I see. No wonder I don't see you on facebook much. Ready for a game yet? :D