Sunday, April 20, 2008


To call an electrician...

Only two of the six lights in the bathroom operate,
no replacing bulbs did not work!

Several of the overhead ceiling lights only
work partially.

After a paint job, some of the outlets
were never finished off.

This is only the inside...there are also
problems outside. I'm calling the
electrician first thing Monday morning!

thoughts of the day: *What is the speed of dark?
*If electricity comes from electrons...does that mean that
morality comes from morons?
*Light travels faster than sound, which is why some people
bright until you hear them speak.


Elaine said...

Oooops, I think it really is time for the electrician - unless you are feeling suicidal, in which case you need the Samaritans ;-)

leslie said...

I need to find an electrician, too, to install all the new light fixtures I will be getting for the house. It never ends! And I'm always afraid they're going to rip me off being a woman alone! Do you feel like that?