Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fun Weekend

FUN Weekend

The weekend started with Happy Hour
at Cheesecakes Unlimited...for the Sept.
birthdays and one postponed July gal.

Mary, Viv, and Patty

Happy Birthday Viv!

Sally, Claudia, and Debbie

Same to you, Sally and Debbie.

Patty and Pat

Following that, Patty and I went to dinner
our friend Pat. We ate on the patio of C.R. Gibbs.
Good salads, drinks and my
Allison and Victor were playing
music there.

Pat and Claudia

Allison Scull and Victor Martin

Baby Ysabel and mom, Brandy

Next day was a "grandma shower" for my
friend, Joey's first grandbaby.

Other Grandma, Cheryl

Brandy, Joey, and Leslie

Lots of fun gifts!

Mary and Lousie

That evening Patty and I attended
the Redding Beer and Wine Festival
in downtown Redding.

Patty sample the grapes.

From grapes to wine!

Following the festival we attended
a wine stomping contest at Vintner's.
Of course, while there, we had to sample
the wonderful Pear Reisling.

One of the barrels of grapes to be stomped.

The winning team's stomper,
his wife (unseen) keeps the
juice flowing towards the spout
where she collects it in a bottle.

thought of the day:
Well, you can definitely tell this weekend...was nothing to WHINE about!

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