Friday, August 07, 2009

Photo Hunt ~ Weekly Theme: Low

Weekly Theme: Low

Not sure what to do for this one.
So I just got down low on the floor
and looked up! This is what I saw,
I liked the repetition of the shadow.


YTSL said...

Yes, this sure was a difficult Photo Hunt. Amazing how we all still manage to come up with a photo (or more) to suit though! ;b

Mrs Mecomber said...

Hey that's really creative!!

Mine's up, too! I hope you can visit.
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Mecomber

Carin said...

Crazy ideas always come up with the best pictures. Nice shot!

June said...

Clever :-)

Bim said...

Good shot :)!

Ann said...

I can just imagine you lying on the floor to take this photo. Nice fan, do you use it a lot.

In Borneo, when I was growing up, before we were rich enough to get an air con. we needed this fan.

Now, here in Auckland, our summer is not hot enough.

Thanks for visiting.

gorgeous nelly said...

You did a great job. Nice photo.

My low tide is posted too.

Happy weekend.

hip chick said...

Great idea. I love all the different interpretations that we all have.

Melusine said...

Inventive and great taken on the theme!

Irene said...

Interesting take on the theme :) Thanks for dropping by. Was out of Internet connection so can't pay you a visit earlier.