Friday, March 07, 2008


Today, I'm doing better emotionally, my girlfriends helped to cheer
me up. I'll just try to concentrate on today and not anticipate what
I know lays ahead. No one knows the cause and there is no
permanent cure, only remission. Last remission was 4-5 years!
So I hope I have that to look forward to. I caught it really early
this time.

Thank you for your understanding and concern!

thought for the day: "Whine? no. Wine? yes!


BunGirl said...

Great pic! I love the "different" types of wood in the scrabble pieces. So sorry to hear about the skin trouble -- it doesn't sound like fun! At least you know what to expect though, and maybe this time it will stay away even longer...

TorAa said...

I like this kind of word plays. Even though I'm not an American nor from a English spoken country or family - except for all in my family that went from Norway to US in the late 1890'ies - and my youngest son, who married a MI girl, and now lives in SW MI.

Like your blog. It's simply clean and direct.

PS. My wife is a Teacher as well, still working (almost 60).