Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Autumn of My Life

New Baby Nephew

I am getting ready to leave town for a week. My (not quite 4 week old nephew (Vicky’s boy) is in the hospital (the 6 week old twin nephews are fine, and now at home). He was in Redding’s hospital for 8 days and then flown to UC Davis Medical Center. There he was finally diagnosed with influenza A and just was moved from ICU to pediatrics today. Slow improvement. Anyway, the daddy has to return home today to go to work tomorrow, so I volunteered to go down an be with the mom. I’ll be there until Thurs. morning, when I’ll pick Lynette (my girlfriend from Jamaica and junior high) up at her friend’s house in Napa. We will go up to Sebastopol to see Linda (another junior high friend). On Saturday, I’ll drive Lynette to Sac. Airport. Then I’ll either stay with Vicky again or head back to Redding.

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